Unusual Accommodations: Sleep in a Lighthouse

Imagine the fascinating experience of spending a night in an unconventional abode, far removed from the usual city hotels and quaint country lodges. Think lighthouses: majestic seaside towers that have kept seafaring vessels safe for centuries now turned into unique accommodations with unparalleled views. The allure lies not just in their beautiful architecture but also in their dramatic locations - perched on rocky cliffs, set amidst vast ocean expanses or nestled within picturesque coastal villages. This unusual accommodation offers unforgettable experiences filled with sea breezy balconies, panoramic vistas and an ambiance steeped in maritime history. Let us delve into this offbeat holiday idea and explore what makes it such a remarkable option for your next retreat. Historical Charm Meets Modern Comforts It's not every day that you get the opportunity to stay in a place where the clashing of the old and the new creates a unique experience. This is exactly what you get with lightho... Read